Data Publication


Overseas company ownership data

Our Overseas Company data contains around 100,000 title records of freehold and leasehold property in England and Wales, registered to foreign-owned companies.

Overseas company ownership dataset

This licensed dataset includes:

  • title number
  • tenure (freehold/leasehold)
  • land or property address
  • price paid (where available)
  • administrative area (local authority area)
  • company name (legal owner(s))
  • company registration number (where available)
  • type of company (legal entity)
  • country/territory of incorporation (data captured from 1999 onwards)
  • company correspondence address(es)
  • date the owner was registered at HM Land Registry
  • additional proprietor indicator (indicates if there are other proprietors on the register which are not overseas companies)
  • multiple address indicator (indicates where there is more than one property address on the register)

The data has been collected from a number of sources as part of the land registration process.

Data exclusions

This data excludes:

  • private individuals
  • UK companies
  • UK companies with an overseas address
  • charities