Data Publication


Commercial and corporate ownership data

Our commercial and corporate ownership data contains more than 3.2 million title records of freehold and leasehold property in England and Wales. You can access all ownership categories, excluding private Individuals, overseas companies, charities and trustees.

Commercial and corporate ownership dataset

This licensed dataset includes:

  • land description or property address with the administrative area
  • name and address of the legal (commercial and corporate) owner(s)
  • date the owner was registered at HM Land Registry
  • ownership category
  • title numbers tenure (freehold/leasehold)

The data has been collected from a number of sources as part of the land registration process.

Ownership Categories

Ownership data is categorised as:

  • community benefit society (company)
  • community benefit society (corporate body)
  • co-operative society (company)
  • co-operative society (corporate body)
  • corporate bodies
  • county councils
  • housing association community benefit society (company)
  • housing association community benefit society (corporate Body)
  • housing association co-operative society (company)
  • housing association co-operative society (corporate body)
  • housing association registered society (company)
  • housing association registered society (corporate body)
  • housing association/society (company)
  • housing association/Society (corporate body)
  • industrial and provident societies (company)
  • industrial and provident societies (corporate body)
  • limited companies or public limited companies
  • limited liability partnerships
  • local authorities
  • registered society (company)
  • registered society (corporate body)
  • unlimited companies